You are a fiduciary.
Your Adviser should be too.

Are you using an investment policy statement? Do you follow benchmarking or rebalancing protocols? Whether you’re seeking assistance with your family’s estate, trust or a foundation, we can custom tailor our services to fit your needs. Learn more about our fiduciary investment services, and schedule time to speak with an Adviser today.

Assets Under Management Annual Fee
$1 Million- $2.5 Million 0.60%
$2.5 Million - $5 Million 0.50%
$5 Million - $10 Million 0.40%
$10 Million - $25 Million 0.25%
$25 Million + Negotiable

Competitive Fees, No Commissions

Yes it’s true, no sales pitch or hidden fees! We can manage all of your investment accounts professionally and we charge a simple transparent fee to do it. Our investment management capabilities are flexible enough to meet the needs of any estate, foundation or endowment. Schedule a meeting to learn more or you may contact us directly to request a proposal.

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds & ETF's

We can help you purchase any public stock, bond, mutual fund, ETF and more through arrangements with different custodians. In addition to traditional investing we can develop custom hedging and option strategies for more complex portfolios.

Brokerage & Cash Management

Through institutional relationships we provide access to traditional brokerage and cash management services. You can use debit cards, write checks and utilize other traditional banking services directly from these accounts. FDIC or SIPC insurance, you decide.

Alternative Investments & REITs

We have access to non-traditional and alternative investment strategies for clients with more complex investment needs. There may be certain requirements to qualify for these programs and special risks exist which make these types of investments different from traditional investing. Many of the largest endowments and pension funds invest heavily in alternatives, maybe you should too. We can help you consider these strategies and see if it makes sense for you.